Ms. Bryant's Biography (All About Me)

I was born in Vero Beach, Florida, and  I lived my entire life in Vero Beach, FL known to most people as Indian River County.

After graduating from high school, I enrolled in Indian River State College where I was majoring in Nursing. After taking several years off from college to work full-time to support myself.  I returned to Indian River State College in 2007,  and  also changed my major to Secondary Education. At the end of 2009,  I received my Associates of Art in Secondary Education. I began my Bachelaors of Science with an emphasis in Middle Grade Math. 

Since I have started the Bachelors Program, I  have been volunteering tutoring students in Math at Indian River State College in the afternoons. In the past, I have worked for the Indian River County School Board as a Program Coordinator for Extended Day, where I supervised elementary school students, and assist them with their homewok . I am glad to have the opportunity to help students in my own community. 

I am looking forward to helping my future colleagues and students and anyway I can this year. As for my students, I hope this website page navigates you through achieving your education with the materials and knowledge, I have presented you with.

Teaching Philosophy

For me, teaching is an evolving activity. To articulate my philosophy of teaching is to capture the teacher that I am at this moment, not the teacher I was nor the teacher I wish to become. Central to my teaching philosophy is the notion that theory and practice are integrated activities. My teaching evolves with my expanding reading of theoretical and empirical texts, with my continuing experience in the classroom, and with my growing awareness of the work of other disciplines. In many respects, the teacher I am today is shaped by my experiences as specifically a teacher of writing.  I realized some of the essential values that teachers across disciplines hold. Fundamentally, four ideas shape my philosophy of teaching: (1) I believe in the value and power of language, (2) I believe that teachers and students must stay abreast of technology, (3) I believe that teaching and learning involve action and reflection, (4) I believe in connecting students’ learning to something that they know or value.

Ms. Candra J. Bryant